Guidelines for Interaction with Schools and Evaluation : Eu-Reka 2020


  1. All participating teams of Eu-Reka 2020 should interact with 4 high schools (3 in Urban area and 1 in Rural area).

  2. It will be primarily the responsibility of each team to choose the schools for interaction. Ensure that the schools have necessary Network Infrastructure to support your on-line interactive session. Help from Eu-Reka Help Desk can be taken in choosing schools within Maharashtra state.

  3. Fix up a time schedule with each school for the interactive session based on mutual convenience

  4. Start preparing your educational material for school interaction on one of the following subjects :
    • Technologies for Agriculture, Food Processing & Rural development.
    • Technologies for Health care & Medical Diagnosis.
    • Technologies for Education, Sports & Woman welfare.
    • Technologies for managing National Security and disasters including pandemonium, etc.

  5. You can take the help of a mentor (optional) in preparing your educational material. The mentor can be from your College / Industry / local IEEE section. The mentor in no way will participate in the interactive session with the school.

  6. While preparing, remember the objective of Eu-Reka is to motivate the school children to take up higher studies in STEM by giving them a flavour of its benefits in their day-to-day life. It is also to boost the confidence, self-esteem and aspirational level of the students to continue studies beyond high school level. Bear in mind the Evaluation Parameters (given below) which will be used for evaluating your performance, while preparing the material.

  7. It is advised that your material should be ready well in advance and you do rehearsals of the delivery technique. Also remember it is a Team work, and hence cohesiveness among participants and the school plays an important role.

  8. After completing your interactive session with the school, obtain feedbacks from the schools.

  9. After completing interactive sessions at all the four schools, upload a report on the sessions along with the feedbacks as per format. These are important if you have to be considered for certificate / prize. – Note: About Rs 1.5 Lakhs is waiting to be taken as prizes.

Evaluation Parameters : (100 points)

a) Technical content in the delivery 25 Points
b) Motivational ability towards Eu-Reka’s Aim and Objectives 25 Points
c) Use of Pedagogical tools (such as Videos / Models / Demo/ PPT/ DIY etc) 15 Points
d) Use of IEEE educational resources (such as Try Engg /Learning Network/Dataport etc) 15 Points
e) Other points covered in the session

(Scope for follow-up / Benefits for rural areas/Women empowerment / Benefits to differently-abled etc)
15 Points
f) Selection of schools (1point for Urban; 2 points for Rural) 05 Points

School Feedback : 4 x 25 = 100 points

Grand Total : 200 Points